|About LYP|

|Live Your Passions| is more than just a photography business,

it’s my way of life, 

and photography is just a piece.

my name is Misty Dawn,

 and i’m a natural light photographer and blogger.

as you’ll come to know, through meeting me or following my blog,

i’m very passionate about all of us finding a way to carve out the needed space in our lives to live out the unique passions that we’ve each been given.

so what am i passionate about?



and love.

 i love detailscapturing the best ones, and then sharing them with their owner.

 i love to read.

and i love to write.


you’ll hear about my passions, and some of yours as well.

i’ll often blog about what’s going on in my heart,

and sometimes about the current issues that penetrate my sensitive soul.

i blog because i know that there is this DIVINE, yet simultaneously chaotic  “left to chance,”

“way” to this life.

i know that just as i have read the hearts of many other bloggers, some souls will read mine.

and just as the stories of others have brought back balance to my heart, i hope the same for yours.

here at |LYP| you’ll see some of the people I photograph, hear a bit of their story,

and please know, that if you’re considering photography services, being chosen as your photographer would be more than just another business transaction for me.

it would be an honor.


an honor to meet you, and an honor to be trusted with the privilege of finding the very best of moments, that often get passed over, unless captured in a photograph, to be cherished time and time again.

for me, it’s about capturing memories,

and moments in time.

the best ones.

i hope that something you find here will inspire you.

if it does, please consider SUBSCRIBING.

subscribing is just a way to receive new posts via email.

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your interest & support warms my heart!

but my highest hope,

is that through spending time here on this blog

you would be reminded of our Lord Jesus,

and that you might quiet your soul for just a moment.

and listen for Him.