Walk Your Talk

by Misty Dawn

First & foremost,


Eventually, the vision for this site is that you will find raw truth, encouragement & inspiration that will help you fulfill your God given passions.  After 10 days of planning, September 18th is the official birthdate of liveyourpassions.org!

As much as the perfectionistic, & cautious person inside of me wanted to keep it private until I had it juuuuuust the way I wanted, & juuuuuust perfectly put so that anyone who came across it would love it, I decided I needed to “walk my talk.”  As you’ll see later on, much of the writing that will take place here will be a challenge to improve, a challenge to get uncomfortable for the sake of progress.  & knowing that perfectionism & far to much caution aren’t healthy qualities of mine, then I must do now what I plan to encourage each of you to do in the future:                                                                                                   walk my talk.

So here it is.  My site.  Almost completely untouched.  Basic.  Blank.  No followers.  No links to twitter.  No aesthetically pleasing to the eye flow.  Nada.

Feel free to check in regularly & watch, read, & be a part of this journey of construction.  In fact, please do!  Watch the colors change, the templates get confused, pictures go up & pictures come down, horrible spelling/grammer errors, etc.  wink wink!  

hope you caught that, cause humor doesn’t come natually to me, and when it happens, I like a little credit, just sayin’ . . .

Just as this site is under construction, each of us are also under complete construction, now & everyday of our lives.

As uncomfortable as it makes me to invite you into this site before I feel like it’s “ready,” I hope that it will give you a sense of encouragement that you too can begin to take those little steps, those uncomfortable little steps, towards improving those little habits you’ve developed in your life that aren’t necessarily conducive to fulfilling the passions you know lie deep inside your soul.

My wish is that before you leave, you will at least read about who I am as of today, where I am, and why

I finally decided to begin to live my passions. 

(unless of coarse I haven’t written it yet)

with love always,

Misty Dawn

(personal scanned in sig to come lata!)

Homework:  What little habits do you need to toss, and what little steps will you take, as of now, to boost yourself forward?