March!! Are you kidding me?!

by Misty Dawn

Wasn’t it just New Year’s?  like a few weeks or so ago . . . . wow!

I must say though, so far 2012 has been nothing but kind.  My husband and I have both turned another year older, experienced our first Valentine’s Day as a married duo, I’ve fallen in love with fresh baby spinach and feta, my daughter chopped most of her hair off, we’ve settled into our temporary home while we search for our more permanent home, and I’ve begun booking this year’s maternity sessions and weddings. All is more than well.

So while the months continue to pass like the weeks used to, I’m going to hold on and embrace all of what is 2012.  I’m going to savor the highs which are always there so long as my eyes are open to them, and learn as much as possible from the inevitable lows that are happening less frequently – as I face my part in them.  As 2012 continues, and more of my path is laid, my only path, I look forward expectantly to smoother, and more beautiful stones, to brighter days and warmer nights, and many friends to journey by my side.

Goodnight March 1.