kindness is contagious.

by Misty Dawn

last weekend i had the opportunity to head south.

for a couple of reasons.


and my daughter’s little sister was celebrating her birthday.

i snapped this photo as the girls were goofing off.

when i found it a few days ago, as i was going through the masses of images taken that weekend, i was overcome with a sense of thankfulness.  i’m always thankful for this woman, but I rarely just sit in that thankfulness and enjoy it.  life gets busy.  we get distracted.

i get distracted.

broken families are a norm for our generation.  so it’s common to hear people say things like “my daughter’s sister.”

but as common as this is,

i think it’s very uncommon that a mother can feel so comfortable when her children are away and staying under the care of someone else, staying in the care of another mother.

while our names are the same,

Misty and Misty,

and we are  opposites to say the least,

we share something as identical as our first names . . .

a sincere passion that allows our daughters to grow up together, as sisters, despite the many reasons they could have been separated.

rather than putting distance between our differences, we brought closer the similarities, our daughters.

our daughters are sisters.  and that’s all that matters.

i am thankful for this woman that treats mine as her own.  i am thankful for the opposite pace of life she lives that allows my daughter to experience more.

city,  and country.

because of this woman, my heart and soul, my daughter, has double the dose of motherly love.   

so as I sat and adored over this picture, a thought popped into my mind

(if you haven’t seen the movie Into the wild, see it)

i immediately went to her facebook page . .

and the next morning I saw this . .

so i ask myself . . .

how often do we just sit and bask in our thankfulness?

is it enough?

 and even then, when we do . .

how often do we share it with the source?

kindness really is contagious.

and appreciation really can re-inspire someone all over again.


grab a jar of kindness from the pantry, open it, get your butter knife and start spreading.

“Love each other, as I have loved you. Lay down your lives for one another, as I have laid mine down for you. Establish your roots in love, and at all times be thankful.” Jesus