time change, spring, and aging more like wine

by Misty Dawn

and just like that we have more time in our days to play.  at least it seems that way.  we could always get up earlier to play, but I guess it’s just easier [and more fun] to find our joys in the afternoon & evening than it is at 6am.

so seemingly overnight begins the season that for me means golden skin, less clothes, afternoons of reading by the pool, sunsets on the boat with friends, bluebonnets, patios, picnics, volleyball,

& basically anything fun i can find outside.

so what are you going to be doing more of this year?  what is it that you love?  what brings your soul genuine pleasure?

not confusing entertainment with pleasure now . . . busy doesn’t always mean happy.

is there an instrument you need to pull out of the closet?  an old friend you need to make more time with?  a class you need to take?  who says a degree means you’re done learning?  maybe there’s a book you need to read? probably ten.

what are you going to do to make this year different than the last five?  and not just different, but better.  richer.

we’ve all heard that like wine, life gets better with age.

but surely that can only be true if like wine, you are delicate and specific in how you age.  delicate and specific in how you spend your days.

wine is precisely maintained.  your life should be no different.

like wine, our lives should increase in richness, and become increasingly more smooth; with an aroma that grows more beautiful, not less, overtime.


do more of what makes YOU deeply satisfied.

and if you “don’t have time”

make time.