my blessing in disguise.

by Misty Dawn

this is my daughter.

she came a little early, at least that’s what everyone including myself, thought.

but with each passing day, as i watch her grow and grow and grow,

i realize that she is the very reason that i grow and grow and grow.

i realize now how perfectly timed she really was . . .

& how perfectly timed i was . . .

and you.

you too were perfectly timed.

scripture tells us that we are knit together in our mother’s womb.

|Psalm 139:13|

and that we are His workmanship.

|Ephesians 2:10|

we weren’t planted.

a switch didn’t flip.

a magical wand wasn’t waved over our mother’s belly button,

but rather we were knit together.

and designed.

designed with an outcome in mind.

|Jeremiah 1:5|

my daughter was designed.

i was designed.

and so were you.

if that doesn’t take your breath away, i’m not sure what will.

scripture says that even before this time of design in the womb we were known.


i’m not exactly sure what this really means, that we were known before we were even born.  but i do know that it feels good.

it’s comforting.

it’s inspiring.

and it’s certainly an indescribable security that the creator of our world also created me.

and that He created her.

i have to believe that He had great purpose in her early arrival.

as He has great purpose in all He does.

she is my core,

and the entire wake of my life is the trail of my role as her mom.

there isn’t a road i have traveled just because.

it all stems from the fact that i am a mom.

even meeting Jesus.  

i remember getting to know the creator of life as He was creating life in me.

so here she is . . my blessing in disguise.

i hope one day that she’ll truly know the workmanship that she is, that I am, and that you are.

His workmanship.