the best part {a good heart}

by Misty Dawn

how often do you run across a sincerely good heart?

i try to take almost every opportunity I have to get to know people.  anyone really.

i remember even when i was younger and hanging out at Cowboys [a country western dancehall] . . .  I was always more interested in the lonely girl’s story than the cute cowboy who wanted to dance.

everyone has a story.

and i’ve never met anyone who didn’t really want to share it.

people are just starving for sincere conversation these days . . . and it suits me just fine cause I’m starving to hear them.

ANYWAY! . . . this is Robin.

i adore her.

she’s “one of those.”

one of those with a sincerely good heart.

i had the opportunity to take a little road trip with her down to Georgetown, Texas to meet up with her fiancé.

casual conversation can take off quick between two women who care deeply about this world.  it seemed like the second we took off was just seconds from our arrival in Georgetown.

i would’ve enjoyed plenty more hours talking over her history with her.  why she is the way she is.  why she does the things she does.  what makes her heart beat.

{and how she knew that Mike was the one for her}

i’m so glad that our paths have crossed.

i’m so glad there are women like Robin out there.

{so the challenge this week is} meet someone new, or actually get to know someone you already know.   maybe a coworker you’ve known for years, but only by name.  listen to their story.