2 more days to |ENTER| to win!

by Misty Dawn

For those of you that are following the {Live Your Passions} blog, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

I’m still in awe over what a gift it has been to go from single-motherhood, leaving behind all the struggle and panic that role entails, to THIS!  To an opportunity to be home and available for my daughter, my husband, our home, my friends, and to begin this beautiful journey of photography.

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be meeting with another professional photographer next week. She’s offered to help mentor me and teach me a few new things. I’m super excited, because I feel like it’s time to take it up another level.

As for the {Spring Giveaway}, there’s a day and a half left to enter, I’d love your continued support in posting the following link on FACEBOOK, or TWITTER.  The prizes are pretty awesome if you ask me! I’m looking forward to future giveaways as well, expecting they’ll be even better!


Thank you all so much for every bit of support you have shown me! Without friends like you, I’m not sure I could continue to make this happen. Each day I’m getting new emails, new clients and new opportunities to grow not only this business, but my own talent. Each time I shoot I get a little better.  And it’s your referrals that are making this happen for me. I absolutely couldn’t do it without your support.

LOVE & (((hugs)))

Misty Dawn

P.S. Here’s a little peak into last Friday’s Vintage Texas Wedding . . .