{Dream Big}

by Misty Dawn

This is Sarah.

And if any little one I know is going to be living their passions,

it’s her.

Sarah is 7 years old, and she’s had a camera in her hands for most of those years.  She has a passion for photography already and her mom does an incredible job making sure she has the tools she needs to develop that skill and her eye for photography.

I was discussing future plans with her mom to create and sell art one day.  Sarah jumped right in and said, “I can do that!”

“I can sell art right now, let me see that camera.”

So of course I gave it to her.  I put the little strap around her neck and she began taking photos of her own and showing me the screen,

See, I could sell this one!”

“That’ll be $20 please,” she said confidently.

What inspiration!  What drive!

What if we all attacked our passions like Sarah! 

At what point do we begin to let the day to day “responsibilities” in life take us over to the point that we loose our original dreams?  The dreams that kept us alive and excited about the world around us, the possibilities and joys that truly are everywhere, if we would just be still long enough to see them.  When does that happen?  When do we loose that instinctual and electric drive?

But even more importantly than when, why?

Is it because we loose the confidence?

Is it because we start believing lies, like “I just don’t have the time.”

Is it because we get just get tired?

Could it be that the “tiredness” is really just a sadness that has come as a result of letting who you really are slip away . . .

Last September I gave up every solid thing in my life, every “responsible” thing to pursue photography as a career and I spent every last penny I owned to buy my camera.  Every penny.

It was a risk.

Many wouldn’t have taken it.

But everything is ok.  I’m ok.  Life is ok.

I’m re-energized.  Re-focused.  And happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.

I get to work with so many different people, and even more than photography, I love people.  This path is perfect for me.

And maybe it’s perfect for Sarah.  Maybe I’ll make her my little 7 year old assistant.  And maybe one day she’ll own a photography business all her own.

But for now she is dreaming, and rightfully so.

She’s dreaming big, and so should you be.

To say she adored her time in the bluebonnets would be an absolute understatement.  I remember her asking her mom if she could just stay there in the field forever.  How sweet is that?!

I remember thinking at that particular moment that I’m always the one behind the camera watching and waiting for my client’s most precious moments, so I promised myself I’d come back, on the other side of the camera, and just play.

To come back and enjoy the bluebonnets, just like Sarah.

To just play.  To just dream.  And dream big, like Sarah.

{and I did by the way}