by Misty Dawn

This is Amanda, and her cowboy Tanner.

Can you say precious!?

and even if you didn’t say it, it’s impossible not to think it!

The doctors are expecting Andison this July, although Amanda is pushing for June 17th . . . father’s day.

Andison will be the first girl of 8 grandchildren, making the biggest wish of Amanda’s grandmother come true.

Amanda moved to Texas about ten years ago, in search of her cowboy, and met Tanner.  She gives back to our world as a registered nurse.  She’s thrilled that Andison has introduced her to the color pink, as she wasn’t ever much of a girly girl, and looks forward to a dream house built by her very own cowboy.

The best handyman she knows, her husband.  

Every good and perfect gift is from above {James 1:17}

Congratulations Amanda and Tanner!!  I almost cannot wait to see this precious girl in her perfectly pink boots . . .