{ my dreams }

by Misty Dawn

so last night I dreamt . . . i always dream really . . .

awake.  asleep.  i just dream.

while we all have some sort of control over the dreams we dream while awake, unless you’re reading some suggestive “how to dream” book and purposefully trying to dream certain things while you sleep, then you probably find, as do i, that your dreams just sort of come . . . from basically nowhere.

dreams about high school, dreams about work, dreams about an old love . . .

dreams of being in the backseat of a fast car that you can’t control,

dreams of flying . . .

dreams you can’t remember, and dreams you never forget.

last night’s dream was a beautiful collection of all the above.

the underlying, core element . . . love.

the kind of love that you just can’t control, nor would you want to.

old love.  love that flies.

and while i woke up with little memory of the details, it’s a feeling i can’t forget.

just love.

sometimes our dreams wake up with us and are gone by the time breakfast is over . . .

but sometimes they linger around, on rainy days like today.

sometimes they turn into memories.

and sometimes they turn into their other kind . . . conscious dreams.

and for me, last night’s dream

{my dream of love}

is one i’d like to last.

one i’d like to remember.

one i’d like to fly.

a conscious dream to just love.

p.s. have you seen the latest proposal?  this couple definitely has the dreamy love that flies way of living down.  

do you?