a summer like my first love

by Misty Dawn

this post was originally written almost two weeks ago . . . 

and then . . .

well . . .

life happened.

it’s amazing how fast time flies.

some consider it a bad thing.


I’m not so sure. God is not bound by time.

so here’s the post, with almost two weeks in the rearview.  

a summer like my first love

brand new.


abounding in possibility.

just perfect.

and full of butterflies.


have y’all noticed the bizarre amount of butterflies this year?

my daughter has been out of school only a total of 12 days, and these 12 days have been nothing short of absolute perfection. this summer is our first summer together. really. our first ever.

in 12 years.

this is the first summer she has not had to share me with classes, homework, a full-time job, or the chaos of single motherhood. this is the first summer I have not had to SHARE HER with family and babysitters.

she’s all mine. and I’m all hers.

[inserting an absolute ingratitude to my husband here, for being the very reason we have this luxury at all]

I have this deep sense of intuition,  

that this summer will be monumental in her life.

and mine.

that our bond as mother and daughter will become . . . just truer.  

so from time to time when we reflect . . .

and we think “where does the time go?”

the answer?

it goes exactly where we put it.

when you’re looking back over your memories, where will you have invested your life?

love & (((hugs)))