What do you think?

by Misty Dawn

Everything happens for a reason.

People never change.

Love always forgives.

True or false?

I’m not certain that we will ever truly know, at least not in this lifetime, what is true and what isn’t.

Life is not black and white, like I believed for so long.

It’s a kaleidoscope containing the most vast spectrum of colors any of us can imagine.

and it’s always changing.

Just like we are.

I hear the words “everything happens for a reason” so often, especially when someone is hurting . . . they’ve never rested well in my soul.

Maybe they need their pain to have meaning, maybe they can’t bear it otherwise.

But what if that’s the very point . . . that we can’t bear it.

That we aren’t even supposed to try.

{Matthew 11: 28-31}

{Isaiah 46:4}

{Romans 15:1-7}

Some people don’t change.  Some people do.  Some take a year, and some take half their lives.

Love does forgive, but most is not forgotten.  

I’m learning that black and white should never be the standard for anything other than a photograph.

Life just is.