{sunday’s secrets}

by Misty Dawn

shhh . . .

don’t tell anyone, but . . .

my girlfriends have grown into absolute best friends, & my best friends have become like sisters.

girls i could call to celebrate every perfect moment of life with, & girls that can wipe the darkest mascara stains right off with nothing more than their presence.

truth is . . .

i used to be one of those girls who didn’t bother with other girls much,

too much drama.”

what i’ve come to understand, only with time of course, is that sometimes the girls with the most drama are the very girls who need other girls the most.  they’d never admit it, but avoiding deep relationships with other women is like some sort of way to keep safe.  but the truth is that women need other women.

being honest.  being real.

exposing your flaws.


being on cloud 9, and at your very bottom, all in the same month, in front of someone else, takes courage.

but it’s one of those chances worth taking.

i’m beyond the words to give any sort of picture detailing what i have now.  with these women.  that i truly call my chosen family.

i can pick up my phone.  they’re there.

i can literally walk out my front door.  they’re there.

{John 15:13}

& if i don’t pick up my phone, or  if i don’t go outside my door, the phone is ringing, or someone is knocking.

& that’s just a secret i can’t keep.  

so lovelies, & you all know who you are, cheers!

love & (((hugs)))