{July Contest Winner} and glimpses of love

by Misty Dawn

A day or two late, I sat down to count the votes of the top two

{July Photo Contest}

leading contestants and was yet again moved by the kindness of even complete strangers.  Moved by the love that one can have for someone they haven’t even met.  Someone they have no personal connection with whatsoever.  Moved by the bittersweet truth that even though there will always be chaos, hatred, arguments, and complete brokeness in this life, but that amidst it all, there will also always be peace, love, empathy, and glimpses of the wholeness we all long for in the life that is to come.

One of the top two contestants sent me a msg, saying the other contestant should have the prize regardless of the [VOTE] outcome.  She had read her story, heard a little about her story, and just wanted to bless her.  If that isn’t a picture of {Mark 12:31}, I don’t know what is.

So this morning, three days late, I announce that the winner is April!

  April, your session was definitely one of a kind, just as you are.