{rain on a tin roof}

by Misty Dawn

found myself yesterday morning way off the beaten path of any normal routine.

& got lost in one of those precious, precious moments.

one of those moments where He finds His way to make certain that I can hear Him.

His love, like rain on a tin roof, when it hits . .

it’s like a sweet song,

like a melody of passion raging on.

& when I realize He’s placed me in this exact position to see the message He’s sending my heart,

I know, once again, how important it is that I’m available, that I’m listening & watching for Him.

cause it’s not just in these moments when He speaks.

{John 10:27-30}

I don’t think He parked me under an M on a tin roof during a sweet summer storm for nothing, or made the water so clearly capable of reflecting the beauty of the constant work of His hand, for nothing.

are you available . .

are you listening?

are you watching for His hand in your life today?

this life is a loud one.

& most of the time the noise is beautiful.

but if we’re not careful, we’ll mistake the good for the best.

and we’ll miss out.

we’ll miss out on those precious, precious moments.

His sweet songs,

written just for us,

the melodies of His passion,

raging on.