I’m not a bottomless pitcher of {LOVE}

by Misty Dawn

I say I love people.

I say that I desire to treat them as Jesus would.

but I am not Jesus.

& will never come close.

but I can come close to Jesus.

& when I do,

I’m more able to love & treat everyone as He would.

I’m able to say “I love you,” when I really feel like reminding someone how they’ve hurt me last.

I’m able to make a meal, & clean up the dishes afterward, when I really feel like eating out & being alone.

I’m able to forget an offense, when I really feel entitled to justice.

but this isn’t me, it’s Him.

it’s not my love for others, it’s His, displayed through me.

I am selfish.

He is love.

I am not a bottomless pitcher of love,

although I desire to be.

each time I pour out what He has poured in,

I need to be filled again.

& I cannot count on anything else, but Him, to fill me.

not a $686 perfect cashmere sweater I find on pinterest.

not the warmth of my very best friends.

not my favorite bottle of wine.

not an ahi tuna tower.

a vacation in New York.

or the West Coast beaches.

not a backyard party with my family & favorite friends.

not a charming & delicious snack.

I can’t even be filled by paying off the complete balance of my highest interest credit card.

It is only {LOVE} that can refill me.  & He is Love.

{1 John 4:8}

but it won’t be until you see

& until you feel

His perfect love for you,

that you’ll ever understand what all my fuss is about.