the most powerful weapon

by Misty Dawn

So I read somewhere once that the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.  I’ve seen this to be true in others I know.  & I’ve experienced it myself, many times.

Whether you’d agree, or not, is probably in direct correlation with your own passion, or of course the absence of it.

Apparently the statement is credited to Ferdinand Foch, a french military strategist born in the middle of the nineteenth century.  I did a little reading about him, and just like all of us, he’s credited for the good & profitable, but judged for his errors.

I think we all know how that goes.

Either way, I like what he said.

I like what he said because it reminds me of the power that lies behind purpose.

Behind noble, sincere, purpose.

I’ve been thinking . . . a lot.

& those of you who know me, I mean really know me, know that this is nothing new.  But what is new, are my ideas.

I’ve moved so much in the last few years, physically moved, & introspectively moved.

& today, I’m still thinking, but I’m also taking action.  I no longer have the ability to think & do nothing.

I have opinions for a reason.

I am passionate & my heart aches for a reason.

To do nothing would be a sad waste of what I was created for.

Passion truly is a powerful weapon.

Especially when released, & on fire.

I began {LYP} hoping to bring joy to those who didn’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on photography.  I began {LYP} not wanting much for myself, just enough, but rather wanting for others.  & I began {LYP} in the hopes to put a small focus back on God.  He has already shown His glory.  He has already set His presence in the hearts of every one of us.  But I just wanted to show others love, the love He’s made so obvious to me.  {LYP} was about my passion for people, & for kindness, charging for photography was just the way to hopefully put gas in my truck.

Because at the time I started this business, my truck, & my role as a mom, was really all I had.

well, I also had an uncashed check from the job I’d just quit.

no home (more on that some other time)

& no job.

I spent every penny I had on a used camera, a new portrait lens, & probably a venti iced caramel macchiato stirred.

That was one year ago.

2 weeks or so after I as baptized.

I lost everything.

& gained everything,

at the same time.

But lately, again, and as usual,

I’ve found myself thinking . . .

& after spending many hours, staring out my window, drinking my yummy coffee & enjoying my kittens as they nap in my lap, God has given me new vision.  He’s shown me new places I need to go.

New ways to impact His people through my little “business.”

New purpose.

A re-ignited passion.

& according to Ferdinand Foch,

I’m equipped with the most powerful weapon on the earth,

my soul.

& it’s on fire.

Thank you for yesterday Kristen.

For letting me pour out my heart for hours,

about nothing & about everything.

For allowing me to be emptied & able to be filled again.

& for taking this crazy-fun photo.  

All I remember is throwing music sheets into the wind, laughing as we chased them, & how wedges were NOT the ideal shoe for what we were doing.

You were the expression yesterday, for me, of all that I want to be, for others.

Thank you.