|Studio vs Lifestyle Photography|

by Misty Dawn

Who’s remembers those dreaded school portraits in the cafeteria or library where you had to stand on a ladder with the numbers 1995 leaned up against the wall behind you, or worse yet, a trash can w spray paint on it w a tie-dye backdrop!?  Or sitting next to some enormous fake & dusty plants, with a fake sunset behind you?

Unfortunately, I do remember.

& it was awful!

I’m so thankful modern technology has allowed those of us with an eye for something a little more . . . real,

to have this new freedom & flexibility outside of a traditional studio setting.

I’m loving the creativity that can be found in a location, time of day, & of course in the activity.  I’m loving that we are turning our images into more than just prints behind glass frames, but rather turning them into works of art on canvas, wooden blocks, & even snuggly blankets.

I love that I’m able to deliver photos to clients & allow them to have free reign over what they do with their photos.

I’ve seen creative clients turn one image into three & have it look absolutely amazing!

I can just imagine this idea in a newborn’s nursery, or a family session divided up for the home hallway.


I just love it!

What are you doing with your images?