you can never |LOVE| someone enough

by Misty Dawn

You can never love someone enough.

You can never love someone enough to fill them the way they need to be filled.

There’s a place inside each of us that remains empty.

No matter how much love is shown.

There’s an eternal space.

Inside of you.

Inside of me.


she’s the way God chose to teach me about this place.

This space.

This love.

This need.

For love.

For His love.

Almost 13 years ago, He gave me a glispe of this love, this life.

& He’s been pursuing me ever since.

just as He pursues you.

The Creator of Life showed himself to me, while He was simultaneously

creating life inside of me.

& I remember it like it was just a moment ago.

Like the sunrise this very morning.

The Creator of Life,


The Author of Love,

Loves me.

Loves you.

& He hasn’t stopped.

& He never will stop.

Because you can never love someone enough.

Love was His motivation for me.

& Love is

& will always be,

my motivation for her.