loving & learning is |LIVING|

by Misty Dawn

I am madly in love with the sound of a well played saxophone.


but can I play it?


not yet anyway.

I also love capturing perfect moments

in deliverable ways.

capturing moments for someone.

to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

I believe in loving things so much,

that it actually causes our soul to explode in worship of the Creator that actually made the things we love.

I believe in finding the deepest and truest passion,

if not multiple passions.

I believe in learning.

lifelong learning.


I believe in lifelong love.

aren’t they beautiful?

isn’t love beautiful?

over the weekend, I had the privilege of second shooting a Dallas Wedding, amidst the trees of  beautiful Turtle Creek, for the absolutely lovely Amanda Kate with Amanda Kate Photography.  the humility she has for her work is as beautiful as her photos are.  share a spinach dip, or some moscato, with her after work one evening and you’ll find that her soul is just about the same.

so where am I going with all this?

I LOVE photography.

but even loving something . . . just isn’t enough.

the equipment isn’t enough.

having clients isn’t enough.

tried and true methods aren’t enough.

photography is a skill.

and like any skill, developing a true talent for that love takes time.


a dedication to push forward.

the desire TO KEEP learning,

TO KEEP loving . . .there’s where the true living is.

when you love something so much that you take the time to learn . . .

and then you learn as much as you can . . .

when you can look at what’s in front of you, and love it so much that you want to keep making it better than the last time,

that’s passion.

that’s where the living is.

when you can love . .

and learn forever more.

thank you Amanda for trusting me, coaching me & offering me the chance to keep practicing what I love.

so with less than a year of experience and absolutely no formal training in photography whatsoever, these are the “behind the scenes” moments I was able to capture.

these are the images that have inspired me today to keep going,

and to keep learning.

working with Amanda allowed me the opportunity to see areas I need to develop . .

and areas I’m strong in too,

but developing where we are already strong comes naturally.

I’m thankful now to know where I am weak.

new understanding allows for growth.

and allows for re-inspiration.

and you just watch,

I’m gonna learn how to play the saxophone

and I’m gonna learn how to do it well.