{L} is for Landon & love

by Misty Dawn

His name is Landon.

He’s the one.

The one who’s shown her that her very best friend, Bailey, is the absolute one for her.

& her name is Christian.

Bailey & Christian met in high school.

They fell in love little by little every morning on the way to school.

& little by little

they started going in just a bit earlier than the day before.

For now love just means each other.

It means that no matter what happens, scooping one another up in love is all it takes to make everything perfect again.  It means being open to each other, being honest.

Being comfortable.

& love means Landon.

Christian makes Bailey happier than anything else, his words exactly.

But I have a feeling that this love will deepen even more.

What love means will change.

& Landon’s arrival will surely change them,

little by little.

There’s a place where love begins.

& then a journey that love lends.

& when you find that person, that love,

that comfortable place,

you scoop one another up,

& you travel.