1 year of many more

by Misty Dawn

it’s officially been one year truly living my passions.

& I’d say that feels about right.

doesn’t feel too long, or too short . .

it feels like a year should feel.

I’ve started a business.

a blog.

been baptized.

& homeless.

lived out of my truck.

found my joy.

& lost it.

moved 4 times.

got married.

found my joy again.

posted on the blog 45 times.

changed the concept of the blogjust slightly.

snow skied for the first time.

roamed NYC with nothing but my camera.

walked the west coast beaches.

experienced building a house with my husband.

went through countless milestones with my daughter in her life.

including her being baptized.

ended toxic relationships.

dropped unhealthy habits & lies that even the well-meaning everyday person still believes.

I’ve chosen to do more than just believe in a God.

I’ve allowed my heart to actually feel the passionate pursuing of Jesus.

I’ve learned without question He is hard after my heart & soul.

& not interested in ever loosening His grip.

I’ve felt the complete confusion & despair the dark forces of this world want us all to suffer in.

I’ve tried to restore relationships that have been broken for a very long time.

I’ve been successful & unsuccessful.

I’ve pursued what my heart loves.

as much & as often as I can.

I’m sure I’ll lose my joy again.

as is life.

I’m certain I’ll walk those beaches again as well.

Snow ski.


I’ll be successful & unsuccessful many, many more times.

but for the last year of my twenties, I’d say that I’m happy with the way I’m closing this decade & entering another.

i want to celebrate.

& in celebration of this last year & the years to come, I’d like to bring your attention to a few other women that I’m indescribably fortunate enough to know.

women that are truly living their passions.

i’d like to focus in on the joy that can be found & the progress that can be made in all our lives when we get rid of the things that so weigh us down & allow ourselves the freedom to do more of what we were really created for.

over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing the stories of some women who’ve gone out on a limb & learned they can fly.

& that they should fly.

I’ll also be re-posting some of my favorites from the year . . like this one.

hope for the hopeless

Happy Birthday {LYP}

& love you all.

hopefully a little better than I used to.

~ misty dawn