send Jenn

by Misty Dawn

this is Jenn.

& with this one, I’ll cut right to the chase.

Jenn’s ultimate passion is for Jesus Christ.

& she’ll be taking her passion for Jesus clear across our world in just a few months.

to Cambodia.

through partnering with organizations such as Agape, International Justice Mission, & Run 4 Justice, Jenn has learned  much about the country of Cambodia.  & it’s need for not only Jesus, but justice.

Cambodia’s culture is drenched in the belief that life is “suffering” & therefore one should detach themselves from all things that could cause more suffering.  to the point of parents detaching themselves from their very own children.

sons like yours.

& daughters like mine.

the culture majority desires enlightenment which is said to be found once the desire to be satisfied ends.

so desire for something puts you further from the supposed goal.

but also farther from justice.

& closer to evil.

a six year old girl whose been raped over & over again in just one day.

& then day after day,

isn’t enlightenment.

it’s pure evil.

& Jenn wants to go there.

to love on this country.

& to love on the people who have literally sold their American lives to move to Cambodia & live there & work there, & serve there, & love there.

in the name of Jesus.

& in the name of justice.

I know these people.

I know Jenn.

I know that justice is possible there.

it’s happening.

these people are doing something.

from the inside of the country, not from over here, where it’s comfortable & safe.

they are partnering up.

rescuing real girls.

& real boys.

from real abuse.

they are equipping real people for real change.

Cambodia is beginning to look different.

Jenn has already raised over $1,700 plus the cost of her passport.  there’s a ticket with her name on it.  but she’s still in need of about $500 to help cover expenses.

Jenn is going to Cambodia.

to serve love.

not the Bahamas.

to be served.

how can you help?

how can you not help?