do you know?

by Misty Dawn

I try to teach my daughter early, lessons that will take her far, minimize her pain, and maximize her joy in this life.

I try to teach her about the kind of life Jesus led, and how she was created by Him.

about how He lives.

through her.

through you.

and through me.

in celebration of my first year blogging, and many more to come, I’m sharing the stories of women I’m privledged to know & have seen truly living their passions.

women that make our world just a little better.

each day.

women committed to minimizing the pain of others & adding to their joy.

last week I introduced Jenn.

she needed just a little more help to take her where her heart really is.

to Cambodia.

and God provided.

and my daughter got to watch it happen.

she watched a need be met.

by God. and through people.

and this is exactly what I want to be doing with my precious time with her.

showing her in “real life” and common ways


and that He lives.

in us.

in her.

in me.

and in you.

this week I want to introduce Cassi.

a woman who knows about pain.

about joy.

and a woman that knows about the One who allows both in our lives.

for a purpose.

Cassi is a mother.

a wife.

and a daughter of the King,

making her a sister to me. 

she was adopted, and she has adopted, making her family a family of four.  she strives to make each day not only count, but count for the kingdom.  her love for quality infiltrates not only her career, which I’ll get to in a bit, but also each moment she has, and each person she touches.  she believes that no matter which path we choose, the narrow or the wide, that God will, like the artist He is, steadily craft our course for His purposes & glory.  she knows this because she has seen this.  she has been down the wide path.  but she has chosen the narrow.   she believes in making sacrifices for the things and people she loves.  she understands that sacrifice is not only inevitable, but part of it.

part of the process.

part of the purpose.

His purpose.

spend some time with a woman like Cassi, and YOU WILL be touched by His joy.   it flows through her, and then spills from her.

“Place your burdens at His feet, and He will sustain you,” she’d say.  “The Lord knows the plans He has for you.”

if that doesn’t give us a hope, what would?!

the creator of the universe has plans for each of us.  and Cassi knows that.  she knows that she’s chosen, and dearly loved.  and when you know that, things change.

you change.

compassion comes.  gentleness is shared. and patience is had. a patience within the spirit that settles us, but at the same time, it directs us.

when you begin to understand that your life has a real purpose, you begin to run after it, easily.

you’re no longer running against the current, but being pushed by it. it’s where you belong.

you gain momentum the longer you run. 

and Cassi runs hard.

after our Father in Heaven. after her family. and after her career.

despite her fear of failure or what others might think of her boldness, she started her own company specializing in men’s clothing. she went out on a limb . . .


and she flew well.

she founded Suit 4 Change, an organization that puts the proper interview attire on men in need who take the initiative to set up an interview on their own, but can’t afford the clothing needed to make the right impression.

talk about thinking outside of the box and using your passions for the right reasons. God didn’t just make Cassi interested in fashion for the sake of looking beautiful. there are real needs out there that can be very easily met when our passions line up with an eye for humanity.

until you’ve been on the needing side . . . like the real broken, hungry, hopeless side of needing, you’ll never understand the difference one simple hand of help really makes.

and I just love that Cassi is doing the very thing that I’m passionate about inspiring others toward,

living out the passions she was created with.

and she’s serving a huge helping of God’s love out on other’s that are less fortunate.

what’s even more amazing than any of this, is that there are two of her.

yep, two.

Cassi is a twin.

and they’re basically identical women, on the inside & out.

her twin just happens to be one of my very best friends. a friend that was divinely placed in my life, by the One who makes plans for each of us.

by the One who chose us,

and dearly loves us.

Cassi wants to bring glory to God in all she does.  I want that too.

do you?

do you understand the depth of the truth that you were created by Him, for Him, and that He has real plans for you?

do you know what they are?

I do.

what are you most passionate about?

i mean really, really passionate about . . .

do you think you chose those passions?

I don’t.

passions line up with purpose. we’re fueled by them, for Him.

what are you passionate about?

do more of that!

and do it for others.

now go and conquer the day, as Cassi would say.