an eye for humanity, do you have it?

by Misty Dawn

so 2 days ago I talked about needs, real needs, & how when our passions line up with an eye for humanity . . .

things get done.

I’m beside myself this afternoon as I share with y’all more than an inspirational story, but a life that has been changed, & a domino effect that has been started.

all because of this guy, Nirvan& his eye for humanity.

can you believe that they hoped to raise $25,000 for this kid to go to college, & they’ve now raised over $218,500, as well as starting a non-profit to find, foster, & fund creativity & entrepreneurship in kids!

just makes me think . . .

how often do we crush the dreams of a child?

dismiss their charm,

or half-laugh at the silliness that we deep down still wish we had.

how often do we inspire & encourage?

i remember creating stories, & pictures with price tags drawn into the corners.

my grandmother would come home from work in her white nursing uniform,

& buy them.

i charged twenty five cents for the really good ones.

how many of us make it into our careers without fear, or into even high school with creativity still left in us?

& while every child isn’t an inventor, they’re something.

they’re made for something.

are we inspiring them?  are we encouraging them to be who they are, or are we creating in them what we wanted for ourselves . . .

Caine had 4 hour waiting lines for this arcade . . . & his creativity resulted in the funds to put him through college one day.

but what I can’t help but see here are the people . . . people love to gather for a cause.  people long to be inspired.

to help.

I love that Caine’s world was rocked like this.

but what about the David’s, & the Emily’s, & the pregnant teenage girl you see sitting completely alone at church every Sunday morning . . . what about her? 

why can’t five rally for 1?

what if we could see the hope in each precious soul? or the need for it.

let’s keep open our eyes to all of humanity.  the children yes, but our neighbors, our coworkers, & most importantly our families.

we’re all made for something.  who do you know that needs reminding?

who do you see each day that you need to see a little more?