two girls, one passion {MENDED}

by Misty Dawn

Holly & Allison.

Both with a love for God.

His truth.


His women.

They’ve committed their lives.

sacrificed the norm,

& they’ve created MENDED.

MENDED is a non-profit whose heartbeat is to help churches create, grow & sustain a gospel-centered, equipping & unifying women’s ministry.

Holly writes curriculum & teaches.  Allison leads worship.

They’re currently creating a professional website in hopes to reach many for the sake of His name.

I cannot wait to see it launch!

& I cannot tell you in words that paint a beautiful enough picture how much joy I was left with after leaving these women.  I’m truly excited to see what God is going to do through them.  Their eyes are on Him.  Mountains move when this happens.  

 Allison thought that learning the guitar in middle school would be something fun for her to do.

God had a little more  in mind.  As she learned how to play, she learned she could sing.  Lyrics began to flow from her.

Intimate lyrics about our intimate Father.

“God is constantly flooding me with His grace.

He is the vine I want to remain in.”

& Holly . . .

“My heart is never more full than when I am teaching the gospel,” she says.

but Holly wants people to know that,

MENDED is not just some cute little project I’m working on, it’s a fire in my bones that God be glorified.  While there isn’t anything wrong with pink centerpieces or craft parties . . MENDED exists to bring women together as the BODY OF CHRIST, to be mended together, made more whole, more fully who we are intended to be.”

I just love what these young women are doing.

They’ve noticed their gifts,

noticed Who they were given by . . .

& they’ve noticed why.

They know their direction.

They know where they’re going,

they know Who is leading them,

& they know why.

What are your gifts?

How are you using them?