by Misty Dawn

thankful is not a gratitude list.

anyone can “list 5 things each day” that they have . .

& should be thankful for.

I want more.

I want to smell the cinnamon in my coffee, savoring the smooth edges of my cup, of which I have many, each uniquely chosen.

I want to notice.

I want to notice in ways that move my soul, that I am safe.

that my daughter is safe.

that she has freedom.

that we have choice.

I want to taste the flavor of grace in each new day, absorbing the truth offered in each moment.

I want to touch those untouched.

I want to hear music,

& take note of each instruments notes,

the art being expressed individually . . .

 yet with harmony,

recognizing the intentionality of those who composed it.

I want to see through the lenses of my Father.

I want to notice.

to recognize the smells he’s invented, the flavors he’s created.

the souls.

the sounds.

I want to notice & be thankful,

a state for which no list is needed.