{freedom & justice are just the way our hearts beat}

by Misty Dawn

you can almost

breathe in

the desire for justice today.

there’s a focus.

eyes & ears are open.

people are waiting.

like I wait.

everyone is taking a stance.

or refusing to, which of course isn’t possible.

not taking one is taking one.

does it matter?  does is not?

so much discussion.

reminders that people have fought for our right to have a choice.

reminders by those that’ve lost brothers & fathers for this country.

for you.

life & blood shed,

for you.

& then there are reminders that our choice isn’t really ours.

people willing to “rant,”

& people annoyed by those who are willing.

those with passion, & those put off by passion.

but there’s a focus that you can’t ignore.

freedom & justice.

both in the hearts of us all.

american, african, indian, jamaican, zambian . . russian.

eager college students, the wise & experienced, & especially any  & all toddlers.

single, married, counterculture, cookie cutter, sober, wasted, depressed, in love, atheist, or believer.

justice & freedom are in the hearts of us all.

some die for it.

we live for it.

some wouldn’t & some don’t.

but it’s in the hearts of us all.

created in the image of our creator it’s an impossibility to not beat with a heart for these things.

believer, or not.

your heart beats the way His does.

believer, or not.

it breaks the way His does.

believer, or not.

it fights the way His does.

it longs the way His does.

for freedom.

& for justice.

& there isn’t choice, & it really doesn’t matter,

& a high price has been paid . . . .

freedom & justice are just the way our hearts beat.

believer, or not.

so today many are waiting,

with their eyes & ears open.

with excitement,

maybe fear.

but in complete anticipation people wait.

like I wait everyday,

& maybe you too,

on eternal freedom


ultimate justice.

 & I wait on The One who created us to love them both.

because He does.

believer, or not.