{oreo brownies & oreo memories}

by Misty Dawn

tonight i made OREO brownies,

amidst two middle school best friends

who’ve watched 4 movies

[through the txts, pins, & instagram updates of course]

who’ve had pizza,



are making memories just like the ones i made . . .

what seems like just a few years ago.

with each & every day that continues to pass, i see more & more clearly how little time i have with her for nights like this,

& moments like these.

i’m not sure how i went to sleep one night with a little girl & woke up with the version of myself i remember the most.

a 6th grader.

everything changed for me then.

& everything is changing for her.

just in different ways.

& while i can’t prevent all pain for her, & probably shouldn’t try . . .

i can make OREO brownies.

& i can be here for her no matter what.

so she can make memories like these

. . . with her best friends.

memories like i made . . .

with my best friends.

i remember wearing black & white with my friends & squashing ourselves together in absolutely absurd positions, pretending like we were OREO cookies, not a clue or care in the world,

& yelling for someone to take a picture . . .

i wonder if they’re out there somewhere,

if they ever even got developed.

{1 Peter 1:22}

Having purified our souls with TRUTH, let’s remember to love one another, with a sincere & brotherly love.  & owe no one anything, except love.

{Romans 13:8}