peace found through WAR

by Misty Dawn

none of us are born peaceful.

none of us are born loving others so much, so well,

that their souls are healed

because of our time with them.

we’re born needing, not needed.

we’re born into humanity wanting,

the same as every other is.

we want comfort.

we want our way.

we want what we want when we want it.

all of us.

some of us are shown peace.

some of us were a burden.

some of us were the exact thing our parents needed.

some of us needed parents.

some of us were shown love.

right love.

reflective love.

the kind we weren’t born with.

the kind that reflects His love.

the kind that is found

& then given.

not the disguised kind.


the kind that gives with the desire to receive.

the broken kind.

some of us learned Who created desire.

& some of us just had our desires met.

some of us were allowed to cry,

even had our tears softly wiped away.

some of us were to afraid to cry.

& some of us even believed that the fear was really strength.

but all of us were shown something.

either leading us to a greater TRUTH,

or away from it.

& all of us are showing the same to others.

all of the time.

either leading others to a greater TRUTH,

or away from it.

to a greater peace.

or a lesser love.

we’re either comforting.

& healing.

or we’re desiring.



we’re all born desiring it, just not born alive.

born into lies rather,

believing peace is attainable without giving it.

peace is something we grow into.

or away from.

a treasure that we seek.

or a treasure that we ignore.

but it’s a treasure that when found has to be shared.

more often though than not, a shadow of peace satisfies.

until another shadow needs to be sought.

reflections of peace over peace itself.

because enduring peace isn’t found on the quiet waters, or smooth road.

it’s found through the warring of your natural soul.

it’s found when He decides to let you find Him.