a new year & how I will spend it

by Misty Dawn

this year I’ll make every effort to be INTENTIONAL.

that’ll be my word of the year.

it’ll be how I begin each day.

& my measure at each day’s end.


I will intentionally pursue my daughter’s soul.

& learn to love her even more than I already do.

I will intentionally give priority to my husband’s soul over my own comfort.

I will give myself more grace when I look in the mirror.

I will walk away from unnecessary arguments.

& ask for forgiveness when I don’t.

I will forgive those I haven’t yet.

for everything.


I will hold fast to the direction God has sent me.

without any shame at all.

& I will lock hearts with those who do the same.

I’ll chase the hearts of those that don’t


I’ll learn to curl my hair with my straightener.


to be just a little better than yesterday, each day, is all I really want.

what will your one word be?

how will you begin each day,

& measure each day’s end?