|Live Your Passions| 2012 Photo of the Year

by Misty Dawn

yeah I know her boot says 2013, but I guess that is fitting since it is now 2013!

this is Madi.

probably one of my favorites clients to this day!

this photo was taken last fall during her senior portrait session.


the focus isn’t the location.

where we were . . or where she’s been.

the focus wasn’t even madi.

it was the message.

the message of intentionally letting God’s word guide her feet.

i think what makes this photo my favorite of the year . . is that the moment continues.

her boots are still walking the streets with this message.

this reminder.

that His word is our light.

her light.

my light.

& your light.

so as we all walk into 2013, leaving 2012 behind us quickly, my hope is that we wouldn’t walk aimlessly expecting things to turn out well.  but that we would use the light, His light, as our guide.