{Individual Portraits}

by Misty Dawn

your first question is most likely how much?

but I know from experience that your first question should be

how long?

my own daughter is now 12, & if I did have a genie with 3 wishes, my first would be for better photographs from her sweetest of days.

digital photography & professional editing software has greatly changed the possibilities of what we can capture, & what we can do with those images!


so maybe it’s your child’s birthday,

or yours . . .

but maybe it’s just another day in the life of some very, very quickly passing years.

years of which you’ll have two things.


& photographs including memories.


this is Logan.

on a cold, & new years day . . .

a regular day, but one representing another season of beginnings.


& one that represents another season’s endings as well.

i’m grateful to know this young man’s mother.

& to catch glimpses of their life.


looking at these images, you might see a little boy with cute blonde curls . . .


but his mother sees her own story unfolding.

& i see a young man in the making.

a man after God’s own heart.


but I only know that, & am able to see that,

because for whatever reason, his mother shares pieces of their story, & hers with me . . .

I know her heart is after His.

her words with me, & with Logan reflect that.


As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.

this young man will know the goodness of our Lord.

because his mother does.


& what you’ll see in your images will be the same.

pieces of your story.

the beginnings.

some endings.


& what your heart reflects.