living our passions

by Misty Dawn

live your passions . . .

feed your affections . . .

invest in your joy . . .

sitting with a treasure yesterday, talking life . . . talking joy,

and talking about The One who’s created both.


thinking about the things we love to do.

and thinking about the things we actually do.

and i thought for a second about what it’s like when a parent gives a wonderful gift to their child, only to see it sitting on a shelf just weeks later . . .

forgotten about.

and i wondered . . .

is that what our Father sees?

gifts just sitting on shelves.

collecting dust.

perfectly chosen gifts.

expensive gifts.

i think about the rampant boredom amidst unending entertainment.

i think about all the gifts we’ve been given, and the potential joy sitting on all these shelves . . .

and i’m reminded how spoiled i am . . .

how spoiled we all are,

that our Father has lavished all these gifts on us,

for our joy!

i’m reminded what a gift my joy is to others, & their joy to me . . .

and so sad it is, that there’s joy we’ll never see.

joy that has been forgotten,

or made less a priority next to some . . . duty.

yet i’m inspired.

i’m inspired that this treasure, my friend, makes time to sit with me.

to talk with me.

and to wonder with me.

i’m inspired as she tells me how she likes to sketch . . .

i’m inspired by the creativity inside of her.

i’m excited to see the course her charcoal pencil will take.

i’m excited to be on course with her.

truly with her.

next to her.

and her next to me.

it’s inspiring to know her passion, and to know that she knows mine.

inspiring that she feeds into my soul what my soul really needs . . .

that she invests in me that which will bring about my greatest joy.

as do i, in her.

gifts . . .

what are yours?