how are you touching lives?

by Misty Dawn

how are you touching lives?

cause you are.

all day long i was thinking . . .

i want to write something.

i want to add something.

to the conversation . .



Martin Luther King Jr.

but I didn’t want to minimize . .

i didn’t want to repeat . .

i didn’t want some shallow, not well thought out . . .

“blog post.”

and then . . .

my grandmother wrote for me.


she wrote for me about her husband.

my father’s father.

about the lives he’s touched,

because of the lives He’s touched.

and the impact . . .



& the days ahead.

& i too thank God for the lives of both of these men,

and the impact of their lives on men like my father,

who never did have to be my father,

but always was.

& i thank God for men like these who serve, & model as best they can our true Father, til we’re reunited with Him . . .

til He restores all that is broken.

& all that our hearts deeply long for.