by Misty Dawn

created in the image of his father . . .


knit together in the womb of his mother. . .

set apart for the purposes of God.

every day ordained before one of them came to be.

created in the image of his Father.

fearfully & wonderfully made.


unapologetically, I’m going to switch gears for a moment . . .

because indifference has never settled well with me.

& because once you’ve seen light, darkness looses it’s place.

& I’ve seen light.

I’ve had The One who ordains days,

set me apart to see.

to see creation for what it is.

to love life for what it is.

to love Him for who He is.

& to love you, finally, more than I love me.


is there any other way to start the subject?

i don’t believe so.

human trafficking . . .

when will these tragedies stop?

when are the ears of those speaking weak excuses going to hear the contridications of their own voices?

when are we going to teach our children well enough so that their voices are louder than the lies . . .

how long will it be?

how long will selfish desire win over love?

how long . . .

what is my part?

what is yours?

is it refusing to be indifferent?

& refusing to look in another direction . . .

pretending that one life, and our life, doesn’t affect many others.

is it finding the mothers who didn’t abort, but culture would’ve encouraged,

& providing for them?

checking in on them . . .

and helping them.


is it adopting?

is it simply finally admitting what abortion really is?

my country, our country, the United States is now ranked within the top 4% of having the most permissive abortion policies in the world, based on a study done involving 198 countries.

|more on that here|



this girl.

so far, she’s been my greatest giver of true insight into the meaning of life & The Creator of it.

and no one would’ve said her arrival would’ve been best for me, or her.

but tragedy doesn’t have to remain.

don’t buy the lies.

no matter how normal they are, sound or feel.

when we know better, we do better,


we grow.

our bodies, souls & minds.

we rid ourselves of what brings pain . . .

not only for ourselves, but for those we love.

& eventually . . .


for those we even don’t . . .


murder for convenience?

isn’t that all abortion really is . . .

rape or “just porn” to satisfy desire?

abuse ignored?

all because believing the lie that your two hands are too small is more comfortable?


“I have set before you life

& death,


& curses.

Now choose life,

so that you & your children may live.”

Deuteronomy 30:19

not that this even needs saying, but for those who wonder . . .

this blog isn’t primarily for the promotion of my photography.

it’s my heartbeat.

my ways & my days.

all ordained.

written before I write.

pictures, or no pictures . . .

i’m only going to point one way.

i’m only going to shoot one way.

& i’m only going to look through one lens.


our Father.

God in flesh.

i’m going to look for truth,

& through truth.  

to light.

& to life.

where are you looking?

thank you Lord for Your mercy, & for Your grace. thank You for the gift of life . . .

give us eyes to see, & hearts that beat,

the way You intend.  

and for those who’ve not chosen life, Father send your mercy and eternal arms to embrace & heal what’s been stolen from them.

pour out Your forgiveness so that they know, even now, Your arms are open,

and waiting.