Multiple Facebook Feeds & Interest Lists

by Misty Dawn


They’re always happening, sometimes to our liking,

& sometimes we just don’t even know that they’ve happened . . .

Here’s a change you may, or may not, have heard about yet.

& we’ll see how long it lasts before there’s another change.

You should now have 2 separate news feeds.  You’ll have your usual feed with what your friends post, & then also a feed that will display any companies you’ve added or businesses that you’ve [LIKED].

When you log in, you’ll automatically see your usual feed.

To access the other feed, look to the left – on your sidebar.  You should see an option to click PAGES FEED.  When you do this, another feed will appear with recent updates from any Pages that you’re connected to.


Another amazing way to keep up with the posts of companies,


or photographers you love

is to create an INTEREST LIST.


You can start this with any of the pages you follow.

Click on the down arrow of the settings tab, then click Add to Interest Lists.

I had the opportunity to create a new list & check MANY different pages at one time.  I did not have to go to each individual page.  I was able to click many pages at once.  You can make multiple interest lists, or just have one.  There is tons of freedom to set up your lists anyway you’d like.

I hope this helps!

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