let’s love on India

by Misty Dawn

Every day, lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills thousands.

Clean water brings life!

but tragically, polluted water entrenches entire communities in poverty by crippling them with diseases & hopelessness.

Not only are children dying from these waterborne diseases, but the lack of clean water also causes school attendance to drop and economic productivity to decrease.  Beyond this, women spend several hours a day collecting water from distant polluted sources.  Families and entire communities suffer.


Something can & is being done!

Water wells.

I have a dear friend that works for Sower of Seeds International Ministries, and they are partnering up with local churches in India to provide wells that offer water freely to communities in India.

$7.77 provides one person with clean water for 30 years!

What if we could all donate for a year?

Each of us helping 12 people have clean water for 30 years!

[click here] for more details

[click here] to give

today we celebrate LOVE.

romantic love.

love for our children.

& love for our very best friends.

let’s remember that we LOVE, only because He has first loved us.

let’s remember that the LOVE we give, is only the LOVE we have already received.

let’s be thankful that we know LOVE at all.

& today, let’s LOVE on India.

let’s help the poor.

let’s give from our abundance.

ready. set. go.