| to my first love |

by Misty Dawn


i documented everything a teenager at the time could . . .

& with no camera.

only the words journals could hold.

& not the pretty ones with gold page borders . . .

but i wrote.

i misspelled and mispunctualized.

made up words.

& made up hopes.

for you, my first love,

i hoped.


even then i knew time would fly . . .

i just didn’t know how fast she was.

and now,


i’m still documenting everything i can . . .

still with words, now in pretty journals with gold page borders.

but now also with a camera.

many cameras actually.

high res images, & instagrams of practically every sweet and messy moment of our lives.


i hope my words and my pictures,

my journals and this blog,

my story,

after it’s all written, leads you to The Author that writes all stories.


to my first love, & time,

please slow down.