What’s on your heart?

by Misty Dawn

This is Brit.

Africa has been on her heart for as long as she can remember.


I’d like us to help get her there.

She’ll be traveling to Naomi’s Village with a team of 14 this June.  Naomi’s Village is a home for orphaned children in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, on mission to glorify God by providing the spiritual, physical and emotional healing that these children are in need of.  Brit’s team is going to help train Kenyan teachers for the academy opening in the this little “village.”

There are approximately 2.4 million orphans in Kenya.

That’s more than the total population of our very own Dallas, Texas.

Naomi’s Village was initially a vision of one husband and wife who actually attended The Village Church before moving their family to Kenya and breaking ground in 2008.  They intend to live in Kenya indefinitely helping to raise up these orphans into future leaders.

[check out this video to see a glimpse of how they’ve ensured a clean water supply for the village]

From Brit –

3 years ago Jesus chose me, grabbed hold of my heart, and placed me in Flower Mound at The Village Church.  Ever since, He has been pouring out His never ending love.  

This summer I’m heading to Kenya, hoping to overflow.

I’m hoping that the love of God that fills me everyday will naturally spill out over the teachers and students I will be working with.


“Therefore go – and make disciples of all nations.  Let your gentleness be known to all men.  The Lord is at hand.”

With a degree in education myself, I’m a little biased to the type of work Brit is heading over to do.  Teaching teachers, and sharing the gospel.  

Be still my heart.

 If your heart beats for missions, for education, for Africa, or above all, just beats for Jesus, and you feel led to help send Brit to Kenya and support her team in raising the funds they will need for materials, contact me for further details and I will get you all the info needed.

[contact me]

But maybe this isn’t where you feel led to give.  And that’s ok.

Maybe your heart leans toward single mothers, and you need to deliver a gift card for groceries or gas.  Maybe mow a lawn, or repair a broken fence.  Maybe your heart beats for the leaders in your church, and you need to stop by and volunteer some time to take the heavy load off their shoulders.  And maybe you just wanna pray.

Then by all means, please pray.

If you’re interested in further supporting Naomi’s Village there are many children that need sponsors.  You can find more information on that here.

[sponsor a child]

The Lord is at hand.

How is he using you?