this blog. living intentionally. & turning 30

by Misty Dawn

more and more my little blog is taking it’s shape.

and more and more I’m learning what I really want it to be.

in it’s beginnings, I just needed somewhere to post the images I was taking.  trying to build an online place for people to see my work, other than facebook.


but it was then, in the beginning, that I was dropping my old life and beginning a new one.

my real one.

Heaven had been pursuing me my entire life, but in 2011 the veil was lifted from my eyes.  and my heart of stone was removed.

Jesus was no longer a man I only believed was God.

He was every breath I took, and now take.

so when I take pictures, I’m really just looking for Him.

in moments.

because those are the most beautiful.

and when I post these moments here on the blog, that’s what I’m going to share – what I felt and what I saw.

and the more I share . . .

the more I see the potential for a sort of memoir of this new life of mine.

like a chest of diaries.


the more I share, the more I desire that one day it will be opened and read.

by my daughter.

life is full.  quick.  and mostly  composed of shallow moments that disappear before we have any sort of chance at hanging on to them and making something beautiful of them.  I try.  but it’s hard.

so here, when I get to slow down.


and share . . .

I find a bit of peace in knowing that a handful of these moments will not be lost on our memories.

this little space is becoming somewhat of a reflection of the life I’m living.  a little space one could look back through like a diary.  a space that I hope one day shares with my daughter the heart and soul of her mother.  I long to share deeply with my daughter now.  and I try.  but sometimes it’s hard.

this blog is becoming more than a place to “display my photography,” but also a place where I share my passions and how they’re playing out.

it’s turning into what I hope is a gift to my greatest gift.

my daughter.


intentional was my word of the year.

2013’s mantra.

and while I did map out some points of destination, all great adventures include unplanned pit stops and unexpected detours.


so 3 months in, on my way toward complete forgiveness, fear decided they needed a ride.

with an uninvited guest, the dynamics have shifted, but ignoring the fear wouldn’t have gotten rid of it anyway.

I’m still holding fast to the direction God has sent, still without shame, and still giving myself more grace when I look in that rearview mirror.

forgiveness of all, and for all, is still where I’m heading.

lastly, 30 in 30.

8 of the 30 have been officially chosen.  some read through completely. and some barely begun.  another 13 have been placed on the docket.  leaving space for 9 others.

I love to read.

 and I love that I know what I love.

a new found and new favorite writer of mine, Timothy Keller,


said “When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone . . two thinkers, you become confused . . ten thinkers, you’ll begin developing your own voice . . two or three hundred thinkers, you become wise and develop your voice.”

having a voice, or thinking you have one, is one thing.

the impact of your voice is a completely other.

I wanna know my voice.

and be intentional about it’s impact.


so maybe I’ll talk less but say more.

we’ll see . . .