what self-righteousness is not.

by Misty Dawn

empathy for others.

crying out before a holy God,

begging that your wickedness be revealed to you.

despite the fact that it’s going to rip your soul to shreads.

compassion for the hurting.  love for the broken.  speaking the truth.

warring against sin.

hating sin.

or helping others,

even when there are piles of logs in your eyes.


an understanding of your position as created, by THE CREATOR, leads to a humility that is sensitive to the position of others.

God’s kindness leads to genuine,

and deep,


it leads to the kind of repentance that hurts more to deny the truth than to be naked in front of all.

an understanding of your position as created, compels one to help heal, to help protect, and to help restore others.

to hate lies.

to running full speed ahead on the front lines.

out of a love for Love.

lies always embody a bit of truth.

desire to know the difference.