by withholding He gave

by Misty Dawn

i’ve seen God do enough miracles now

that I just know

He’s going to get done what needs to be done.

He’s going to provide what needs to be provided.

and He’s going to keep what needs to be kept.

i’ve heard enough prayers,

including my own,

be answered.

i’ve had my perception of answered prayer destroyed and rebuilt.

only to have it refined through fire yet again.

i’ve felt need.

yet never been in it.

He has ALWAYS provided for me.

the very exact need i have had.

and kept from me also,

exactly what needed to be kept,

answering my prayers in the ways that bring Him the most glory.

because that is what’s best.

His glory.

His glory is my best.


i’ve seen need.

and by grace have been given compassion.

the kindness of God

kept from me.

He kept from me perceived security.

He kept long enough to give me an undeniable security in it’s place.

by withholding He gave.

and continues to give while He takes.

changing my perception of security.

refining it, yet again.

and all for His glory.

because His glory is best.