soul reigns and time

by Misty Dawn

i used to think time went by faster as i got older.

i used to watch my daughter find ways to entertain herself, within her outside boundaries of alley to alley.


we lived our lives in the middle of a horseshoe shaped block of mellow and humble little duplexes, with an alley on each side of our space.

her space.

and the space i lived when i was little too.

within walls that built me, her foundation too was built.

these days though . .

she isn’t ever really bored.

at least not the kind of bored that lends creativity.

these days she always wants to be somewhere other than where she is, and her friends have online personas to build with calendars already booked up by mom.

nothing new under the sun.

just more manmade attempts to fill the longings for contentment, and happiness.

and whats scary . . 

is most of the time . .

we’re successful.

we do find contentment usually.

it never gets just quiet enough that our souls are heard.

constantly meeting the desires of our mind, and our eyes.

but our souls . .

are we attending to our souls?

do you attend to your soul?

there is nothing today that is new under the sun.

the same 24 hour days exist today that always have.

but are you filling them with what brings deep and raw pleasure?

lasting joy.

an ever increasing, and ever expanding worship for life,

and The Creator of it.

or are you filling the days, and passing away your life with the things you see others enjoying?

do you know what your soul loves?

do you love life more than you did yesterday?

does your heart lay down each night satisfied, and looking forward to another adventure tomorrow?

in anticipation of His gifts for you.

are you doing what makes your soul shine?


i used to feel like there just wasn’t enough time.

like it was slipping away at ever increasing rates.

but there is.

and there is plenty.

you hold the reigns of your day and your time.

and our God holds the reigns of your soul.

are you guiding them while you follow the current?

or are you chasing after the direction your soul craves to go?