2013 Back to School Minis

by Misty Dawn

My first daughter.

& my greatest teacher.


My sweet girl, starting kindergarten.

Taken in the home that built her, and in the same home my own journey began.

My favorites will probably always stay the original “I’m a kindergartner,” portraits, and while even though I didn’t have a professional level dslr, my $5.99 disposable kodak indeed captured a memory that will always be precious to me.

No matter what the grade, or stage in life,

back to school portraits capture those transitions . . .

all those changes and stages of exiting one season and entering another.

There’s an undeniable shift occurring that if you don’t stop to rest in will surely pass on by.

The excitement of new beginnings.

The relief of closing out old chapters.

The anticipation of what’s next.

& the closure of all that’s been.

2013 Back to School Minis will be available locally in 30 minute sessions on August 24th.


To book sessions for your children email liveyour.passions@ymail.com, and include the names of your children, their ages, and your ideas for your uniquely styled shoot.  Everyone has a different vision, and for memories like these, you’ll want to play a part in it’s fulfillment.  Some set up a vintage school desk, with old textbooks, or an apple.  Some prefer a traditional first day of school outfit, or a chalkboard with their child’s unique handwritten name, date or grade.

While kindergarten may be an extra special year, each additional year of school is just as special.  The growth of our children and the unfolding of their journey is one of the most remarkable experiences, and the privilege and honor to play a part in that is an absolute gift!


and just like that, I’ve got a 7th grader.  

so glad my days with the disposable kodak are over.