Westlake Solana Health Club

by Misty Dawn


Besides being passionate about people, health is not a far second for me; and while doing some work over at the Solana Health Club, I’ve found both.

Some very passionate people,

who are also very passionate about their health.

Every time I get the opportunity to visit this club, for whatever reason, everyone is all smiles, always motivated, and always with their water bottles and sweat towels.

And they’re not just working out . . .

they’re building relationships.  

Many of these people are not only on a first name basis, but a hey, how was your daughter’s tryouts last week?  did she make the team? basis.

They support one another in their endeavors toward better health, and more balanced lifestyles.

Always forming teams for friendly competition, and motivating one another toward genuine results.

No exaggeration.

This club is like no other gym I’ve ever experienced.

It’s not brand new, if that’s what you’re looking for.

But, if you’re local and looking for results, my recommendation, without any hesitation, is Solana.