Fall Portrait Parties

by Misty Dawn

If you’re waiting to see what kind of specials your local photographers are going to run this fall, here’s mine.

3 full sessions for the price of two.

The catch?


You’re the coordinator.  

These can be family sessions, individual sessions, headshots, Christmas card photos, you name it. 

Coordinate with your friends and family, pick a day, and one DFW location, and I’ll shoot the sessions back to back.

Typically 3 full sessions would cost $897.

Fall Portrait Parties | $600

That’s only $200 per person/group, or however y’all agree to divide the costs.  

Parties may only be booked on the weekends, for up to 3 hours of photography coverage.

Get as creative as you’d like organizing the types and styles of the sessions.

To book your session, or for additional info, contact me here.


Fall Portrait Parties can be booked outside of the DFW for additional traveling fees.