i now know how little i know.

by Misty Dawn

it’s been two years since I publicly declared Jesus as my Lord and savior.


and just a little more than two years since i was given the gift of surrender that leads to reconciliation with God.

two years of grace upon grace upon grace.


two years of the breaking of 30 year old chains.

and two years of generational chains breaking.

i now know the difference between a believer of God,

and believing that I am God.

and I now know how hard it is to see the difference when you’re not the first of the two.

i now know how little i know.

and how much I’m loved. 

how much i’m jealously loved.

i used to wonder how i could possibly wait some 60 years to be face to face with the lover of my soul.

and today’s grace was the truth that I already am.

blinded by sin.

but not without Him.

i don’t see Him fully, but He sees me.

and with each grace, He restores my sight.

each grace upon grace upon grace.


now two years in,

i’m thinking 60 years of this persistent, jealous, pure, perfect and pursuing love . . .

for me?!

unending grace!

for me?!

unending love!

for me?!

60 potential years of this divine, romantic dance with my love?!

60 potential years to anticipate, and long for my eternal husband?!

and then a wedding!


grace upon grace.

“Behold, I am with you, always.”

Matthew 28:18-20