by Misty Dawn

i’m sure i couldn’t love this little man more.

he’s handsome.

he’s wild.

 and he belongs to a miracle.


a miracle i had the privilege to journey through.

his sweet mama was in a terrible car accident, shattered her spine amidst other things, and is now doing yoga like it’s her job.

the zealous prayers of the devoted are heard.

she was given grace.

before the accident, during, and since.

she knows joy cause she’s felt despair.

she knew despair because that’s just this world.

but our God is making all things new.

all things.

we’re not just saved for Heaven one day.

when our time comes.

our salvation is for today.

Jesus is advancing His kingdom here.



this boy knows joy.

and how to make friends easily.

and his sweet mama is teaching him how to keep them.

teaching him about grace.

and his need for it.

teaching him about forgiveness and love.

and his need for both.

to give them,

and receive.

his sweet mama’s healing was a miracle.

the life she has today is grace.

the life he has today, grace.

and of course . . .

our lives,